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Chamfer mills of all shapes and sizes

Need a chamfer mill with a non standard angle?  How about a chamfer mill with a odd cutting diameter or a chamfer mill with a reduced shank?  No problem!!!   Nicholas Precision Works can help.  NPW offers chamfer mills with any angle from 1° to 89° and diameters from 1/8″ to 1-1/4″.  We can even reduce the shanks to fit your machine.  NPW’s tools are Proudly Made in Indiana.

1.250″ diameter chamfer mill with 72° included angle


We specialize in solid carbide tools to meet your exact needs and requirements.  Nicholas Precision Works provides engineered specials,  custom tool manufacturing, and precision regrinds.  We are centrally located in North Manchester, IN and are ready and able to help.  Give us a call, like us on Facebook, or join our email newsletter.