Need a RUSH Delivery? Nicholas Precision Works can help!!!

Got a machine down, need a tool fast, current supplier let you down, or all of the above?  Nicholas Precision Works can help!!!

Custom formed solid carbide 4 flute 0.694” diameter endmill with 0.098” corner radius and 1.5” flute length blended to a 0.039” R, to a 0.079” R, and to a 30° angle on a ¾” shank.

Nicholas Precision Works was contacted by a local company in a panic looking for help.  Their current supplier dropped the ball and could not deliver for 3 weeks.  We visited the shop and took a look at the application and offered to help.  We came back to our shop and designed, manufactured, and delivered a custom endmill in 7 WORKING HOURS!!! 

Our tool performed like a champ!  It provided outstanding surface finish, nearly 3 times the feed rate, and was actually there when the customer needed it.

Nicholas Precision Works provides engineered specials,  custom tool manufacturing, and precision regrinds to meet your exact needs and requirements.  We are centrally located in North Manchester, IN and are ready and able to help.  Give us a call, like us on Facebook, or join our email newsletter.